Gazpacho es muy delicioso

Mmm good

I spent a couple of weeks in Spain last fall, and one of my favorite dishes was their traditional gazpacho soup, along with a glass of rioja (Spanish red wine). I’ve longed for the cold tomato soup many times since, but can rarely find a decent version in restaurants. Well, yesterday I was reading my weekly email from “Food & Wine” magazine when I spotted a headline for gazpacho recipes! I picked the easiest one, went to the grocery, and made my first batch last night. And I must say, it was a success! I will include their recipe in a separate post, but I simplified it and didn’t use exact measurements. I really don’t think you can mess this up since it’s a bunch of veggies blended together. I used more tomato/veggie soup than they suggested, and guesstimated the other ingredients. Just throw in the veggies, oil, lemon juice, and herbs as you wish. Or follow the exact measurements if you like to follow the rules. ūüôā I didn’t use all of their suggested toppings either, and instead used a mixture of chopped cucumber, red onion, basil, and cilantro for my toppings. The goat cheese made the dish even more delish, but if you aren’t a fan of it just skip. I highly recommend it. You could also try sour cream, or some other type of cheese. Or just be healthy and skip the cheese fat altogether!

I hope you try it, like it, and don’t forget the red wine! Buen provecho!


Daily Style is back in full effect!

Casual spring

Some of you may have followed my “daily style” facebook updates last year.¬†I was putting forth so much effort creating outfits from my closet¬† that I figured, “why not share my creations with friends?”.¬†The¬†process of¬†trying on, taking off, belting, unbelting, accessorizing, de-accessorizing was¬†often so time-consuming that¬†I felt I should turn it into something more to help other women.¬†It took awhile, but now I have “Robin’s Nest”.¬†Here I¬†can continue the “daily style” updates as needed, and perhaps inspire YOUR daily style in the process…

This particular look: Gap tshirt, Aqua skirt (sold at Bloomingdale’s), Arden B necklace, Soda flats.

Step into my nest…

and you will find many things. Things such as¬†fashion, shopping tips, food, music, TV shows, movies, current events,¬†beauty, travel, hot topics,¬†rants,¬†interior design, reflections on life, photos of friends and family, relationship ponderings, and whatever else I decide to blog about. Welcome to my blog people! I’ve been meaning to do this for ages, and I finally forced it after a few glasses of vino. So here goes…