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Daily Style 6-15-10

Spring chic

Although the dress is a couple of years old now (hard to remember the price), it’s safe to say this entire outfit was less than $60. I had almost given up on the dress because I hadn’t worn it in over a year, but decided to give it another shot. Paired with this scarf (which also hasn’t seen a lot of use), the dress had a whole new feel. Also, it’s a very cool/comfy outfit for this hot valley weather!

Dress, scarf and belt by Forever 21, Express sandals.


Robin deal-hunts for quality purses under $100

Robin deal-hunts for quality purses under $100.

Check out my first contribution to about my recent purse shopping success!

Daily Style 6-11-10

Low-key Friday night

Friday night in Hollywood with the girls, but didn’t feel like killing my feet with heels. The older I get, the less often I wear heels. I’ll be in granny shoes before I know it!

Stephanie B tshirt, Target Limited vest, Chip & Pepper jeans, Steve Madden sandals, Stella & Dot lariat necklace, Forever 21 flower ring.

Daily style 6-9-10

Office casual

I was reading one of my fashion mags recently (can’t remember which one), and they were saying red and khaki is a hot color combination for the spring/summer. The khaki dials down the spiciness of the red to create a very crisp look. Surely most of you can gather some red and khaki from your closets to experiment? Send me the photos if you do…

Gap blazer, Forever 21 red tank, JBrand skinny jeans, Montego Bay Club espadrilles from Payless.

Daily Style is back in full effect!

Casual spring

Some of you may have followed my “daily style” facebook updates last year. I was putting forth so much effort creating outfits from my closet  that I figured, “why not share my creations with friends?”. The process of trying on, taking off, belting, unbelting, accessorizing, de-accessorizing was often so time-consuming that I felt I should turn it into something more to help other women. It took awhile, but now I have “Robin’s Nest”. Here I can continue the “daily style” updates as needed, and perhaps inspire YOUR daily style in the process…

This particular look: Gap tshirt, Aqua skirt (sold at Bloomingdale’s), Arden B necklace, Soda flats.